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Zhejiang Saihao Industrial CO., Ltd.

Saihao was founded in 1975, located in Huangyan Zhejiang which is famous as"The town of mold in China".

We insist in development of Automative injection molds from hand-making to technical application of CAE/ CAD/CAM/PDM,even further to MICS mold manufacture system development, and we sight the growth of molds industry of China.

"Anything for your joys", We make our best effort to be platform beteen customers, staff and solicet based on our innovation...

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Have product development and design team to ensure the priority of products, use "artisan spirit" to do every product, and serve every customer with heart.

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Global service in more than 20 countries, mold exports to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other countries, mold production products throughout the world, with cutting-edge quality, first-class technology, world-renowned mold market, to achieve more first-class manufacturing enterprises.

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